Specified Commercial Transactions

Meta Distribution LLC

Masahiro Yanagishita

2-28-1 Kitazawa, Keisui Bldg. 2F, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 155-0031, Japan

Necessary charges other than the price of goods

  • Consumption tax
  • Shipping charge

Sales volume
The inventory is limited for each of goods. Please confirm the inventory of goods through access to the website (The web address is shown below).

Delivery date
Usually, goods are delivered in around one to two weeks.
When using the delivery service, there may be a delay in delivery due to road conditions, etc. In addition, due to some circumstances, if the delivery date is later than the original planned date or the scheduled receipt date designated by customers, the delivery company or we will notify it.

Payment method/timing of payment
Please take a procedure for payments by credit card(VISA/Mastercard/American Express), together with an application procedure for the purchase of goods.

Cancellation of sales contract
Due to the nature of the product, returned goods can not be accepted in principle. Please use it beforehand after acknowledgment.

Trade name or service name
GRAM DripTips


[email protected]

Website address